As the year 2019 comes to an end, it is the time for us to express our gratitude to the esteemed international, regional, national and sub-national organizations who recognized our work and let us join their network of members and partners. In the past couple of years, Doers has become the member of Global Network of Civil Society Organisations for Disaster Reduction (GNDR), Mountain Partnership (UN-FAO), Avoidable Deaths Network and Americares India.

Since its inception in the year 2015, Doers has trained several thousands individuals not only on First Aid, but also the Psycho-social Support. As humanitarians worldwide celebrate #WorldFirstAidDay, our team at Doers reiterates its commitment to building the capacities of local communities on Life-saving Skills to make Himachal Pradesh a state resilient and ready to deal effectively with disasters. To know more about our work and/or to learn First Aid and Psychosocial Support from our professionally trained team, do call us at +918091030405 or write to us at
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Doers supported the Geo Climate Risk Solutions Pvt Ltd, Visakhapatnam in the project titled 'Revision of the 2014 Review Study of Early Warning Systems in Shimla City'  
In a sub-contract awarded to us by GCRS, we supported the agency by taking up the following activities under the above-stated project:
  • Support in finalization of Questionnaire for the review of the EWS in Shimla city
  • Carry out stakeholders' mapping
  • Carry out the Mobile-based household survey on EWS
  • Develop the case studies related to EWS
  • Participate in stakeholders' consultations, community conversation and knowledge products contribute to the finalization of study

Team Doers participated in the 'Samarth 2018' Exhibition on Disaster Preparedness & Response' on the occassion of #IDDR2018
As a member of the Himachal Pradesh State Inter Agency Group (HPIAG), Team Doers marked an emphatic presence during the 'Samarth 2018 Exhibition on Disaster Preparedness & Response' organized by Himachal Pradesh State Disaster Management Authority (HPSDMA) on the occasion of International Day for Disaster Reduction (IDDR) 2018. We conducted hands on Mini Sessions on- (1) Making a Family Emergency Kit (2) Making a First Aid Kit (3) Picking up and sharing GPS Location using Smartphone without relying on internet and (4) Teaching first aid skills for general injuries such as fire burns, bone fractures, bleeding injuries, etc. Also, we congratulate our hard working colleagues Anuradha and Nidhi on becoming the recipients of the 1st Himachal DRR Leadership Awards

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