Doers was founded in the year 2015. Here's what our small and passionate team has been doing for the past two years.

Due to its adverse topographic, geological and climatic conditions, the Himalayan region is susceptible to natural hazards like Earthquakes, landslides, fires, cloudbursts, floods, etc. The socio-economic circumstances and limited response capacities at institutional level also add on to the existing vulnerabilities of the people and consequently, increases the risk of disasters. Considering this, Doers is helping the local communities to prepare themselves for mitigating the risk of disasters, coping effectively with such situations and minimizing the loss of life and limb in case of a possible disaster.

Our team pioneered the comprehensive mapping of critical facilities, infrastructure and resources in different districts of Himachal Pradesh. Such mapping exercises captured not only the locations of points, but also their attributes that contained highly useful information which is crucial for disaster response and coordination. We use convenient and cost-effective mobile solutions for mapping that do not require a big investment and also do not rely on the availability of mobile network.

Since the inception of Doers, we have invested a lot of resources on developing the technical capacities and skills of our team. Our team members regularly undergo various thematic training courses organized by globally-renowned national and international institutions. We share our expertise and knowledge with other stakeholders by facilitating the training courses organized by leading institutions of the state, like- Himachal Pradesh State Disaster Management Authority (HPSDMA), Himachal Pradesh Institute of Public Administration (HIPA), Panchayati Raj Training Institute (PRTI), State Health and Family Welfare Training Centre (SHFWTC), District Disaster Management Authorities (DDMAs) and many other institutions in the state.

We undertake research and documentation assignments from different governmental and non-governmental agencies, including the disaster management authorities, private companies and consulting firms. Our team has carried out Knowledge, Attitude and Practices (KAP) studies, Vulnerability and Capacity Analysis (VCA), Scoping Studies on Community Based Disaster Management and other studies in the past. We have a small but highly skilled team of professionals to conduct comprehensive surveys and develop high quality reports and communication materials.

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