e-Workshops on Smart Data Management for the Professionals of Civil Society Organizations 

An Introduction to DEEPRED Program
Disasters or large-scale emergencies often jeopardize the functions of society and government, leaving huge numbers of people affected, displaced and/or without basic supplies, support and protection. Collecting and processing data (including geo-data) swiftly in such times is essential to the efficiency and effectiveness of disaster response. Even in the context of COVID-19, gaps in  the institutional capacity to effectively manage data have been observed in following ways-
  • Amidst a complete lock-down situation, multiple agencies requiring lots of data in a very short span of time.
  • Volume of the data needed and data produced growing exponentially in a time when human resource is scarce.
  • Lack of proper analysis leading to inappropriate or disproportionate allocation of resources. 
  • Names of needy people missing out in response/relief rosters due to illegible handwriting (or typing errors).
  • Lack of dis-aggregated data causing failure or delay in reaching out to the most vulnerable ones.
Above experiences are based on real-world situations which occurred not only during the COVID-19 crisis, but also in many other humanitarian emergencies. These points endorse the need to make data management an integral part of disaster response and humanitarian assistance. Besides this, data collection and processing undertaken in pre-disaster phase also helps in augmenting the preparedness and recovery by offering valuable insights and intelligence. Currently, there is a serious gap in the data management related capacities of both governmental and non-governmental agencies which often results in ambiguity, delays, lack of coordinated disaster response and wastage of precious and scarce resources, including time.

In order to create a culture of data-backed disaster planning in Himachal Pradesh and other parts of the country, Doers is initiating an exclusive program titled as- 'Data Ecosystem for Effective Planning and Response during Emergencies & Disasters (DEEPRED).

The five objectives of DEEPRED program are:
  1. To build the capacities of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) on Smart Data Management. 
  2. To train volunteers, researchers and students on Open-source data collection and mapping tools
  3. To render pro-bono technical support to Government agencies for issues related to data management
  4. To develop of data visualization products, including infographics, for the concerned stakeholders
  5. To carry out the analysis of social media hashtags and available insights for effective decision support

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