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The best day to prepare for a disaster or emergency situation was yesterday. The second best day to enhance our preparedness is today. We, at Doers, believe that every community must take its disaster risks seriously and act to reduce those risks by simple yet powerful steps.

We encourage individuals and institutions to act as an agent of change for disaster risk reduction and resilience in your communities. Here are a few recommended actions we encourage you to take.

Advocate for
Development in your area

Plan for the preparedness of your Family and Community

Take lead in starting a STEP Club in your school or college

A disaster occurs when the conditions of unsustainable development are exploited and/or aggravated by a hazard of considerable magnitude. There is an urgent need to make development risk-informed at all levels, by understanding the potential threat caused by various developmental activities to the well-being of people. Doing so requires great political will and effective risk governance.


No matter what you do, if you believe that we must transform our conventional approach to development, you can actively advocate for DRR in your area.

It is said that every 1 dollar spent on preparedness saves 7 dollars in emergency response. This stands true more at the family or community level where often the resources are scarce and the knowledge and skills for disaster response are limited. Contrary to the general perception, planning and preparing for disasters is quite easy and does not need big investment of resources.


If you are seriously keen to enhance the disaster preparedness of your family and community, we can help you in this. All you need to do is to get in touch with our team and start the discussion to make your family and community better prepared.

Past disasters have taught us that people in unsafe learning facilities are at the greatest risk of losing their lives when a disaster strikes. Disasters can cause the disruption of learning opportunities and decline in quality of education. Unfortunately, a majority of our schools and colleges lack on several aspects of disaster preparedness.

If you are a teacher, non-teaching staff or a student of an educational institution and want to strengthen its disaster preparedness, please contact us to know how you can do this by setting up a STEP (Safety Through Emergency Preparedness) Club in your school or college.


Disaster risk reduction is everyone's business. Let's work together to create a better prepared and disaster-resilient society.

What action you want to take?

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