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An appeal for humanitarian assistance to support the people affected by floods and landslides in Himachal Pradesh, India.


Since the last week of June 2023, extreme rains have triggered devastating floods and landslides in in different parts of Himachal Pradesh, wreaking havoc on the lives and livelihoods of thousands of people. The affected communities are grappling with unimaginable losses caused by this disaster. Families have lost their loved ones, homes have been swept away or severely damaged by the destructive force of nature and livelihood of thousands of people has been badly hit. The survivors are left with shattered lives, and the road to recovery seems arduous.


With our team on ground, Doers is committed to serve the affected communities. But we can do little on our own. The humanitarian assistance required is enormous, especially considering the fact that more than 2800 people have been rendered homeless by floods and/or landslides in the state. We sincerely request corporations, businesses, philanthropists, donors and volunteers to come forward to #HelpHimachal in this hour of crisis. We would truly appreciate any kind of funding support, sponsorship and/or voluntary services to help us provide the three most important needs of the people affected by the disaster in Himachal Pradesh.

Interim Shelters

Himachal Pradesh is known for its mountainous topography and unique climate which makes any adverse weather condition here far more challenging than in other places. Thousands of people who lost their homes require Interim Shelters that can withstand further rains and other hazards such as earthquakes or heavy snowfall. These shelters will be extremely helpful for the affected households in providing them an opportunity for sustainable recovery of their livelihoods and rebuild their homes properly.

Food Items

While the Government and Non-Governmental Organizations are trying to provide the much-needed food items to disaster-hit people in Himachal Pradesh, the requirement of food items will not reduce immediately. Besides the provision of meals for the affected people, the specific nutritional requirements of pregnant women, lactating mothers, infants and children also need to be met. Ensuring equitable access to safe and nutritious food to the disaster-hit people will be instrumental in an early recovery.

Non-Food Items

In a terrain where people face relatively more hardships in everyday life, personal safety and well-being depends on the availability of various resources. The disaster-hit households have lost virtually everything, relying on humanitarian assistance to ensure safety and basic comfort. Your kind support can help us in providing much-needed items such as adequate lighting inside homes, containers for storing water, decent bedding, books and stationery items for children, etc. to the affected people.


This is a critical time for the people of Himachal Pradesh. Every action intended to alleviate the suffering of the disaster-hit people matters a lot. Act now!

What is your priority action to #HelpHimachal?

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