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Help us minimize the impact of disasters on people's lives by helping them prepare.

Every year, disasters cause immense loss of lives in the Himalayan region, highlighting the great need of emergency preparedness at different levels. Doers is reaching out to communities and schools located in far-off rural areas of Himachal Pradesh and training the people on providing basic life support during emergency situations. We are conducting a series of workshops under the 'Safety Through Emergency Preparedness (STEP)' program.
Our commitment to this cause is unwavering but we can't do it all without your help.


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If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it's the lesson that a disaster is an extremely difficult test of the preparedness of a society. A community or institution which is best prepared to face an emergency is often the least likely one to get severely affected. Due to its unique geographic and climatic conditions, the state of Himachal Pradesh is vulnerable to various hazards such as earthquakes, floods, landslides, avalanches, fires, road accidents, etc. Almost 90% of the population lives in rural areas, typically located in far off mountains. The lack of local capacities for a timely and effective response in the aftermath emergency situations often results in avoidable deaths and injuries.


To address this critical lack of life-saving skills, Doers aims to train more than 9,000 people from the local communities and educational institutions in Himachal Pradesh on important life-saving skills, including first aid, CPR, fire safety, light search & rescue and basic emergency preparedness. To do so, we plan to conduct at least 240 workshops in our high-impact program 'Safety Through Emergency Preparedness (STEP)'. During the program, a team of experienced facilitators will also create awareness on mental health and psycho-social support to help the communities recover better from the aftereffects of COVID-19.


We do realize that people often tend to extend their support to humanitarian initiatives which help in improving the conditions of the survivors after something adverse has happened to them. However, we strongly believe that empowering the "at-risk" communities through practical life-saving knowledge and skills is incomparable mainly because it aims at preventing or minimizing the loss of life and limb. That's precisely why we have decided to reach out to some of the remotest villages and train the local communities so that they can prepare for and deal effectively with potentially dangerous events such as earthquakes, fires, floods, road accidents, etc.


If you, just like us, believe that it is much more important to train people for minimizing the risk to their lives and limbs than to just help them when they have already become a victim of a disaster or emergency situation, then please support this cause by donating generously to the #STEP2Resilience Campaign and help us conduct the much-needed STEP workshops in the schools and communities of Himachal Pradesh. We request you to also use your social networks to spread the word about this.

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